These are My Projects
Below is a list of web-based data applications I have developed or have worked on. The pictures are static screen shots of the main page for each project. To view the page, click the link in the right hand corner below the description.
The Choirmaster
This is the website representing my work as a choirmaster and organist (classical musician). Here you will find schedules/rota for services, media recordings, service metrics, hymnal search capabilities, pictures, stories about my work and the churches where I've worked, and a blog.
Choirmaster YouTube
You can view the majority of my performance videos on my website,, but this is the youtube channel where I upload the videos and ask people to subscribe. Consider visiting my channel and subscribing!
Bonanza Boys
Shawn and I love to travel and see new places. Owning an 1952 C35 Bonanza really helps with that. This website is dedicated to 'Big Boy' our airplane. Here you can view a blog about our travels, view maps of the places Zack has landed, query aviation weather from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA), and view pictures and videos of our travels.
vonMenchhofen Urtext
This is my attempt at a music publishing service. Using the Linux/LaTex based Lilypond music typesetting software. This site will generate pdf musical scores from lilypond text files. As of this documentation, this is still very much a work in progress
Zack, the Data Scientist
I have always had a passion for computers and data. I work as a data scientist in biorepository sciences at the University of Pennsylvania. This is a work-in-progress, but will contain my papers, lectures and posters, and helpful hits for Linux/i3, PHP, CLI-Shell, SQL (variants), VIM, GIT and much more.
This is the data application gateway for the National Cancer Institute grant for whom I do my work. The Cooperative Human Tissue Network is an agency founded by the NCI in the 1980s to distribute human biospecimens to researchers throughout the country. I am responsible for the informatics (data) activities for the branch at the University of Pennsylvania.
Transient Inventory
The CHTN is not a traditional biobank. Our mission is not to collect and store but to collect and immediately distribute. However, sometimes we will procure a biosample because of its worth for which we don't have a request. This is a searchable application for CHTN-approved researchers looking for biosamples.
ScienceServer Seven
I wrote the specimen management/laboratory management software that CHTNEastern uses in daily activities. This is the beta version of that software. To access this page, you must have a valid user account.
ScienceServer Eight
This is the cutting-edge version of ScienceServer, the Specimen Management/Laboratory Management Software used by CHTNEastern. This software was written without framework over years by me.